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Birthdate:Aug 23
20-something. Female. Currently fandom monogamous to Marvel/mostly Captain America related. Multi-shipper. I'm looking for a fandom experience that I haven't been able to find on Tumblr. I miss my LiveJournal fandom experiences. I feel like you were able to connect with people so much easier/better. :(

Interests (71):

'30s music, '40s music, - shipping evanstan, -- but knowing it's not bloody real ffs, --- i'll watch what's your number anytime, ---- 'cause chris evans is shirtless half the film, alias, ant-man, ares3some (beck/johanssen/watney), arrested development, avengers assemble, beth johanssen, buck rogers (the steve/bucky ship name lmao), bucky barnes, bucky/natasha, bucky/steve, bucky/steve/natasha, bucky/steve/peggy, bucky/steve/sam, bucky/steve/sam/natasha, buckynat, buffy the vampire slayer, captain america, captain america: the first avenger, captain america: the winter soldier, cheryl fernandez-versini, chris evans, chris evans films even when they suck, classical, clint barton, daredevil, dark angel, dr. chris beck, evanstan, friends, gazing lovingly at chris evans, gazing lovingly at sebastian stan, girls aloud, hopefully captain america: civil war too, iron man, james "rhodey" rhodes, jessica jones, johanbeck, journey (video game soundtrack), journey (video game), kylie minogue, little mix, m.i.a., madonna, mark watney, nail polish, natasha romanoff, netflix, parks and recreation, patrick wolf, political animals, reading fan fiction, sam wilson, sebastian stan, sebastian stan + chris evans, sebastian stan films no matter how terrible, spice girls, starbuck, steve rogers, steve/bucky, stucky, t.j. hammond - my precious bb, the last of us, the martian, thor, tony stark
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